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Janet's Blog

Our Creator Verses Astrology

This article is written after careful consideration.
I have had awareness about these things for many years. I felt it wise
not to share these things because some readers may misinterpret.
For two years now I have been thinking it may be necessary for
some people  to bring peace of mind if interpreted rightly.

If you are Christian, you can gain some helpful insights.
And if you don't know Jesus and have been attracted to astrology,
and felt that it may help you, there is a real downside to it.
Besides, they don't know how those characteristics originated.

Some years ago in my late twenties, I noticed a magazine with a remarkable
feature was called Psychology and the arrested my attention. I thought to myself, “what do they have in common? One is stable,
the other is not!” You know, those silly things they write each week in the newspapers to amuse and mislead people?
The article in question was written by a professional Psychologist with years
 of experience, and I thought “how unprofessional”. But I noticed when turning to the page that in the first paragraph, she said that she did not subscribe to or endorse astrology. Well, you could imagine my next thought. “What are you doing, writing an article like this?”
Her article had to do with behavior modification we could apply, to improve
our life and relations.
 To my suprise, she said that with her many patients through the years, she had noticed striking similarities in temperament and characteristics.....good traits and not so good.
She also had her own descriptions for each of the star signs (each month we are born) and also said that she had noticed an overlap of descriptions within 10 days of the month before or after the month we're born in.

(those months commence round the 20th calendar day of the month).
I could see myself, parents, brothers and sisters and friends in her descriptions.

 There were such descriptions so true of my family and friends, that I felt God was telling me, “this is one of the ways He made us different.....He has different qualities and talents for each of us (that we are not restricted to) and it has nothing to do with astrology”.
I felt indignant that it often gets the credit that should be due to God, our
 Creator! He gives us different blood-types and genes as well; our glandular makeup determines certain physical characteristics like expressions, manner of walking etc and various mannerisms (we sometimes find intriguing or attractive with others we know or meet) everyone's fingerprint, iris of the eye and DNA is distinctly different. We have an Awesome God who has a divine Orderliness of things in His Creation including us.....and at the same time, gives room for individuality and uniqueness.....hey?

Jesus will make your life more interesting than astrology with it's
deviant lurks can.
They have just added some truth about the way God has made us to
a lot of lies to make them convince us......and all the time, we are actually sold
on a shabby counterfeit instead of the Wonderful Story of Salvation –
the SAME story that is found in the GOSPEL.
Religions have made us bored with hearing about God and Jesus, with all their
doctrines and arguments.....sometimes ear bashing, Christ never called
anyone to do.
GOSPEL actually means GOOD be LIVED OUT and APPEALING!
Others can SEE the GOOD things JESUS does in OUR LIVES
and ENJOY hearing about Him. When it comes from a transformed life
or nature.....they desire what you have!
I had just one question - the day after I read that article. I said to Him, “You make us perfect, you make everything perfect. I can understand
the Good Traits,
I cannot understand the not so good traits.....yet I sense you are speaking to me that You should get the Glory, not the lies of men...... So for now, I am just going to leave this with You and You will answer me”. And I let all this rest and did not think about it.
I decided that He would have a right time to show me. 
Well, some weeks later, when I was singing praise songs one day, the answer came to me when I was'nt even thinking about it. IT WAS THE FALL OF MAN!

When you think about it, that pretty much explains why everyone has good and bad character traits (the same ones other people have).

One friend in particular who really had genuine love for people etc and
 every so often he demonstrated spurts of an unexplainable temper
in the office with his staff when something was'nt to his satisfaction, because he wanted the best for people. He was a very capable person and quick to give himself generously.

When Adam and Eve fell from their life and walk with God, by taking fruit from the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and EVIL....they had a sin-nature that added the not so good traits

(sickness and poverty also was passed on to us).
God wants us to know, that He created each of us with those special qualities, good traits and certain giftings......that we are meant to ENJOY THEM and EACHOTHER.

We were never meant to be frustrated with our short-comings and eachothers'.
 And different ways we have were meant to compliment – not clash – with
each other.

  Yet I have seen even two families on the verge of separation due
 to clashes in communication that are definite traits of the months they're born in and an inability to seek harmony. Those traits also run rampant with no self-discipline and no-one wants to change. Instead, they want the other to change and will not
put in any effort.

It's easier with "Christ in you, the Hope of Glory". His Glory is
your Victory.....this really makes Him Happy, to see you Enjoy the Freedom
He paid such a high price to give you. Yes, to see you living in it.

BECAUSE HE COULD SEE US THE OTHER SIDE (of His Death and Resurrection).

There is a lesson to be learned here friends. In the Garden of Eden, the enemy of man-kind mixed some Truth with a Lie and said to Adam and Eve (our foreparents) “Has God said?” You know, “did He really say?” and when they bought the Lie_ all the sickness, sin and shame etc came upon mankind, an inability to harmonise with each other and relate closely with God.

A close Relationship with JESUS will benefit your personal makeup and relations better than Astrology and all it's complications_ so complex!
So don't buy the Lie of Astrology or various lies over the Media, they are two of the world's ways to bring destructiveness into your life.....
and also keep you from the
Those two, and often Religion, the big marketing ploy of our enemy to put us off of God (with so many of them). And so often, to keep us in
a whole Lot of Bondage.
Mass distraction from the Real Thing!
Oh, and by the way, when you receive Jesus into your heart and Life
He imparts to you HIS NATURE. So you don't have to worry about your
short comings....keep yourself full of His Love, Joy, Peace and Blessings
and you will be a better person to be around - at home and out.

If short comings of family members have been stressing you out
remember, that may not be their fault or making - it may
be not so good traits from their particular character type.
Maybe when you think about it, you or a friend know someone else
born in that month with the same problem.

(Try not to get mixed up in Astrology for answers)

You know now, your family member or friend is not out to deliberately upset you.
Sometimes they're not aware (it's second nature) sometimes
they are at loss what to do about it.
at least you know the possibility of why.

So many things changed after Adam and Eve had to do
with that tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

If you're a Christian and you still have a problem area....speak and apply His Word into that part of your character and displace it with a godly attribute. Do not dwell on the trait/problem that only accentuates or magnifies them.

Instead, lift up the Praises of Him and His Ability to do a Good Work
IN YOU and thank Him for the Victory. Focus on the Love, Joy and Peace of Jesus when you do this and His Nature that indwells you.
Ask Him to help you grow in the Fruit of the Spirit and declare the Lordship of Christ into that area, for He has REDEEMED YOU by His
Finished Work on the Cross.

We don't have to put up with these things "God moves in our moving" when we show the desire to change.

If you're new to the knowledge of Jesus, it's important that you realize, you are not on your own with it anymore or with your family's not so good traits.....they can share the same Nature of Jesus you can experience.

Especially if they see a real change in you. Keep reading the Words of Jesus
and spend quality time in His Presence.
Find some nice Christian Music.
Some of it is so lovely. There's Joyful Songs,
Peaceful and Calm, full of LIFE!

Try building yourself up in scriptures each day
(the inspired word of God)
and let them become a part of you. When applied in the right way, they have the ability to change you.

You can even experience some character transformation by letting your
mind become renewed by the Spirit of God. He will always work
with His Word -  not without it or opposed to it.

So if you have been involved in astrology or other, you need to let the Bible cancel out conflicting and complex teachings that you have
had in the world.

The Bible says that they are influenced by unseen spirits in the universe
and their way is destructive and can lead to an eternity without God,
in whom there is Love, Joy, Peace and True Harmony.

Jesus said to us that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life
and He will set your feet on higher ground – not mystical
or philosophical,
but that which is truly spiritual and satisfying.

All the very best to you!

He is interested in the activities of your day
and He is mindful of you.

PS. If you are a Christian, maybe you need to know the facts too. At-least for someone else. You don't know when this may benefit someone you know or meet along life's way.

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Karina on Sunday, 26 June 2016 9:47 AM
Janet, I had to let you know this. At first, I was cautious and sceptical about this post, but when I considered it my duty to know what you wrote and read on, I could see so much emphasis on Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is true the enemy has counterfeits for those things that God makes and ordains and without a 'real' there is no counterfeit. I see a different emphasis on things now, it has given me a way of sharing our Savior and Creator with some of my friends and my sister found Jesus through this because it made sense to her......she thought the things we believe in from the bible were just religious before. She finds no need for or interest in astrology anymore and she really loves Jesus now!
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