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Our Creator God and Neuroscience

God's Word in Scripture and recent Neuroscience Discoveries are merging
- so to speak - in some areas.
I've been an Independent Natural Health Researcher 20+ Yrs.....a gifting
from Jesus, self funded.
He leads me to some really good INFO often. This is very exciting.

Find out how this can Bless You!

Our brain learns from positive and negative experiences and it stores them in long lasting neural pathways. Neurons are nerve cells that make pathways in our brain.

We need to observe negative reactions and work with them, replacing them with something
positive: picture yourself in a garden pulling out weeds and planting flowers. In this way you can replace negative experiences with positive, that results in making new neural pathways in your brain – the storehouse of good and not so good – that makes for a happier person because you are living with a brain that is kinder to you. You are beginning to have different thought associations and inner strengths, and gradually as a result of this (the decisions you make to weed out the negative and replace it with something positive) you find yourself reacting differently_ proactive at least until you have more strengths to draw on.

It used to be thought that we could not change pathways in the brain but Neuroscientists have now discovered that you can because our brain is 'neoplastic' and can be reshaped day by day, hour by hour through exposure to positive experiences and kinder thoughts by thinking, hearing and speaking thoughts of Love, Peace and Happiness.....anticipating hopeful outcomes instead of sad ones. For this, we place our faith and trust in our Creator God_ the Author of all that is Good to make His Goodness abound toward us in different ways such as circumstance, inter-relations, new acquaintance, interventions and pleasant moments.

For these to occur, we need to open our expectations to Him in a simple but positive way, expecting that He will move in this way in our hearts and lives.

His Word tells me that “all things work together for Good to those who love Him and are called to His purpose” or you could say that in a new found relationship where you find yourself loving Him AND being loved by Him, you start to experience a sense of purpose in your life that is taking you somewhere and that He has Good Plans for your life rather than one of hardship and frustration; bleak and sad; boring and meaningless......that He can turn our lives into a fruitful vine instead of barren or bearing little fruit.

Yes, He calls and invites us to live fruitful lives, fulfilling in some way. This is His purpose for us_ to manifest His Goodness to us and Faithfulness in a consistent way. And with the Vine-dresser's personal attention – welcomed and invited – He can make us into a delight to those around.
As a result of this, we can be sought after, not forsaken. Our company can be welcomed by others_ at least by Him while this work is taking place.

This is a restorative work experienced by many who find Jesus as their personal Savior, like I did years ago_ my heart and mind and life look on a transformation; new meaning in life; an expression of His Love, Peace and Joy. This all took place because I was drawn by His Presence and attracted to it on a daily basis. I was also drawn to His Words, reading them each day – sometimes in the sunshine – and they became real to me because His Spirit was now living inside of me. I found the Secret to Life , and it became inviting to me each new day.

Blessings were unfolding as I felt within myself an inner witness, that I was a child of a Heavenly Father who cared for me. I experienced a new freedom, living in this awareness and my acquaintance with Him.
He is our BEST Blessing on this earth_ Believe me!

We were created with an ability to choose, we shall refer to as the Power of Choice – and with this ability, we can change negative experiences into good ones by seeing something good that can come out of them OR programming our minds to think of something good in place of them – we shall refer to as the
Principle of Displacement.

Again, picture your mind as a Castle with a moat of water around it_ the water keeps going in the direction of this moat. It could be positive or negative; happy or sad; meaningful or meaningless.
The water could be lifeless, so to speak – bringing you little happiness or not much purpose – making you feel discontent of unfulfilled. But if you dig a new channel in that moat, the water can flow in a new direction bringing refreshment!

By making this necessary decision, you can change the atmosphere of this garden, this moat.
You can determine your outcome in life instead of settling for things and letting life go by you.
Yes, you might not be able to help the past – what it has brought you – but now you are wise
(with this knowledge) you can determine it's outcome, with your Creator God to help you.

This is an ongoing progress on a daily basis. It is more meaningful than Life Coaching but requires commitment and participation on your part. Why should it be less than you would be prepared to give Life Coaching or an Exercise and Nutrition program? Surely God is worth it, surely you are worth it? Yes, commitment brings progress_ the more consistent you are, the more
rewarding your efforts.

Why do so many people become Christians and leave it there? Because His Word says things like “as you have received Him (into your lives) so walk in Him” - 
the Peace, the Joy, the Love......
and to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind, so you can know His Good and Perfect will” regarding you. So there is still a renewing of the mind to take place_ from some sad thoughts to glad thoughts; things you've been taught negatively that He can replace positively with your participation, because our brain is actually shaped by what we think on a daily basis_ the materials we give it from the world: our daily associations and relations.....and what we give it from His Words and His Presence: bringing Life and Peace, Joy and Comfort_ pertaining to His Love and Grace, a sure solace through our days on this earth.

Yes, this is His GOOD and PERFECT Will, for us to have a happy and satisfying life_ to ENJOY it with Him and others. Truly He is the Best Companion and He Cares for us and those we love.

Yes, He desires to bring Good things our way on a daily basis and for us to Enjoy the Goodness of our Creator God that is evident in all the lovely things He made in nature.

May I say here to Christians that it is good to have a desire to please Him – that comes naturally with a relationship – but sometimes we seek to do this in a negative sense that we must do 'this and that' rather than simply entering in and enjoying Him like when we found Him. That's why He says to us “as you have received Him (continue to) walk in Him”. That is His greatest pleasure (spending time in His Presence enjoying Him) this experience inspires us in more positive ways anyway. He is not a God of negative energies (encouraging them) but of positive energies. That's why He can say to us “Delight yourself in Me and I will give you the desires of your heart”…...yes and that's why Jesus said words like “So your Joy may be Full”.

Sad to say, when you add religious mindsets to a Christian walk, it can distort the true intentions of His Word and make it a drudgery. Hence the saying “religion is to be endured but Jesus is to be enjoyed”

We can feed our minds with the good things that we want from them_ pertaining to Love, Joy, Peace and Hope_ plant them all there and watch them grow! This will pay dividends_ you will thrive instead of survive.

I introduced a Creator God into this article because those things discovered by Neuroscientists now are best when practiced with the One who created them and He is a 24/7 companion, the best of friends. You can relate personally with Him.....the more you do the richer it grows and your life will reflect the fruit of it.

Our minds need some discipline to go where we want them to go. They will serve us well if we give them Good Input on a consistent basis.

Just now, Neuroscience is discovering some of the reality and principles that have been in God's Word long ago. This is the prosperity of the soul (mind and emotions) that He speaks about in His Word. Along with a personal relationship with Him, this is what He desires above all things
for you_ seeing you happy and well, seeing you prosper in those things that are most
important in life.

Someone in New Age said to me once that she was going to a coarse on Peace and Forgiveness.
My concerned reply was “why don't you go to the Author of Peace and Forgiveness, it won't cost you all that money and it's so simple”. She said it had nothing to do with Him.....I think that
is so very sad because everything He has given me is FREE and it stays with me for LIFE.
All I need to do is Keep my Eyes on Him. How does that sound to you?

He will be with you in this Venture if you want Him to be. Contrary to religious folks, He does not impose Himself on anyone. He is not pushy, I am so sorry that He is misrepresented so often. And the very people who do this are sadly lacking something – that's why many get the impression “that's not healthy”. Our inner feelings are “sacred” so to speak, and that's where He steps into our lives – in the sanctuary of our hearts. That's when the divine exchange takes place and He becomes our Dwelling Place, His Presence our Sanctuary where we find Rest for our souls even when working at something like the Power of Choice and the Principle of Displacement.




Rest assured, that His ways are sound and beneficial. He is a Sure Foundation
for you to start with.....His Words give you a solid basis for all true discoveries and your life
will no longer be built on shifting sand – as the song says – because Jesus said so.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. All the best to you!

PS: Jesus did not come to make us religious but to give us LIFE!


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