You are Called to be Free in Jesus -
Exciting News!

At this time, I am commencing a New Website Blog
in May/June 2016.I will be sharing my best Articles there and
deleting some from here.
I will be taking those interested on a Journey with me - because I will be
sharing some personal words with you that The Lord has spoken to me
prophetically through the years in my 40+ years walk with Jesus
that give insight into the Ways of The Lord and how He works with us.
And specially selected Scriptures to meditate on for Life Change.

At present, there are thousands of Visitors to Called to be Free
and most of my Posts have many Views.
The amount of space I have left here is minimal that calls for a
New Blog altogether as I am currently writing more articles.

I do not aspire for you to follow me but will always direct
you to JESUS and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
but you can journey with me if you wish to do so.
I am not the perfect leader - Jesus is.
I am not the perfect counselor and mentor - the Holy Spirit is.
But my calling is prophetic for many years now
(sensing those things that are important to His Heart).
I do not use terms like 'my ministry' because I think that
through the years it has been overused and over-rated.
I choose to 'follow Him' and if that seems good to you,
please come and visit me!
commencing NOW
I would love to see you there (so to speak).
I will also have writings from a few Special Guests that
complement my writings and makes for balance.


Commencing NOW  May/June 2016